Anaïs needs your support – be her hero!

Anaïs came to my home with my own three cats as a highly traumatised foster cat from a sanctuary in Argentona, Spain, which was supposed to be a kill shelter once, at the age of approximately 10 years in April 2015.



It has turned out now that she definitely is an allergy sufferer on top of her severe psychological issues and is therefore required to eat only particular rather expensive mono protein foods. She is anything but easy to handle since it is for her still the worst to be touched and she does literally wet her pants each time one tries to touch her. She is a paragon of a proper trauma patient. More about Anaïs and everything that has happened so far since she’s moved in with us here, you can read in detail at her blog.

My own means are unfortunately currently very limited for which I am unable to meet her requirements at present, which do in particular concern her food expenses at the moment. Therefore I am asking here for any support one might be able to give. Any penny, any cent, any can of food can make a huge difference for her.

I have launched a secure donation project here via I would be more than grateful if there was anyone out here who could help us with a small support.