Anaïs noticed nothing happened to her

Yesterday, Anais had to realise that she was afraid for no reason.

I had to clean up under the bed again, since Anais relieved herself at the back under the bed towards the wall instead of using her loo under the bed. I guess, my Iyuy disturbed or annoyed her there recently, for which she might have been reluctant to use her loo. I was woken up by a terrible hissing and snarling a few days ago. Unfortunately, where she decided to relieve herself I cannot put her loo without having to annoy Anais on a daily basis when I want to clean her loo, which would stress her out again and most likely pee out of fear.

As usual, I pulled the bed slightly away. Anais got nervous, but remained under the bed at first, went into the living room under the coffee table then though – please note: without another urine trail. But at least I could mind my own business then and remove the protective covers under the bed, clean with a particular enzyme cleaner, put out new protective covers and changed her bed since she had to relieve herself in her bed out of fear when I wanted to start with my cleaning action.

When I was done, I brought her small snack as a compensation for her stress, into which I put a special pill for her so she can calm down from her stress much better and sooner before she decides to just stay under the coffee table for a few days and relieve herself there then. She sat completely huddled under the coffee table and hardly dared to move or even have a bit of the kind snack I brought for her. I closed the living room door, so she does have a chance to have her snack before someone else, like the little Tony, who enjoys to eat everything of others, has it instead. I left her be for a while, quickly went to the shop to get more bin liners and served dinner for the other three when I was back home. When I wanted to bring her dinner, I saw through the glass of the living room door that Anais stood there briefly and looked towards me. Well, she heard it right, it was dinner time. But she went slowly back into the bedroom then.

So I brought her dinner to the bed where she firstly had to check out her area thoroughly and sniffed around. It was all clean and tidy, nothing else. She looked at me a bit puzzled as if she meant to ask if that was the reason why she ran into the living room, since nothing else had happened. She turned around, checked out every inch of her area once more and also her freshly washed bed. Everything was ok. Nothing else happened. No one tried to grab her, no one tried to harass her, no one tried to harm her – that’s what she had to notice. Only then she could finally focus on her dinner (she did not have her snack with the special pill in the end).


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