Something is changing…

Oooooh….. Anais slowly went from under the bed in the bedroom under the table in the living room, when I wanted to clean her loo under the bed. There she sat then, didn’t return under the bed, so I put her food bowl there in front of her. She has not touched it yet. She probably doesn’t dare to yet or is still too excited. But right now in this very moment, something is happening. It is dark, it is quiet, I hear how the lady is slowly coming out under the table and begins to examine the cushions in front of the heating nearby. At first, she slowly went to one of those beds, then to another new one I recently got with a voucher and now I can hear how she’s kneading the cushion there. In the dark, I can definitely recognise a small hill of a cat lying on that bed. My other cats are currently not in that area, so she’s alone, which is apparently the reason why she dares to look around a bit for another comfy spot, which is by far better than sitting at the coffee table.

She hasn’t dared to do anything like that in a very long while. Usually, she’s remained under the coffee table in the living room or would simply return to her hideaway under the bed in the bedroom at the latest when it’s time for breakfast on the following day while I’m occupied to prepare breakfast for my own three cats.

It’s amazing to see how something appears to happen in a more positive way again. She’s been hiding predominantly under the bed for months to recollect herself after the stressful time with her ears last year.


Anais is a severely traumatised rescue cat, unfortunately, she belongs to a black sheep rescue among all those animal rescues out there. It is sad how some rescues deal with their rescued animals, which I definitely have to criticise here. They wanted to put her down last year when Anais had a complete psychological breakdown as she had a severe ear infection I had to treat. To be touched by a human is the worst for Anais – she is so afraid, that she starts to piss and shit herself. She’s been here since April 2015 and as she is difficult to treat when she’s caught something and had not made much progress in the short time she’s been with me, her rescue wanted to put her down. How fair is that? Anais has wanted to live. She can’t show it in any other way for her fears than with eating, which she has kept up, no matter how bad she felt.


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