The biggest surprise no one would have expected

OMG!!!! Huge step forward!!!! Anais was just sitting in her bed so relaxed, I thought I give it a try to touch her. It already worked two times shortly in the past weeks. She’d hiss a bit, but once she noticed I wouldn’t harm her, she eventually gave in and started to enjoy it. Just a few moments ago it was pretty much the same and she did something she’s never done before when someone dared to touch her – she purred!!!!!! You can hear it in the video, sorry for the bad quality though. I was shaking out of excitement 😀

At last… I hope, we can keep this up. thank you little one for finally opening your heart a bit  This is beyond my expectation, I have not expected anything of her. Sorry for the poor quality of the video, but I had to catch this moment.


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