She’s beginning to enjoy my love

Last night during one of our new lengthy petting sessions something truly wonderful happened. It wasn’t only that Anais quickly laid her head in my hand and asked to be touched there, literally pressed her forehead firmly into my thumb and properly purred. I was allowed to touch her entire body, gently ran my fingers down her back, softly touched her tummy – of a sudden, she turned her tummy towards me and purred even more, partly even like a pigeon. In her joy, she moved around vividly from one side to another in her bed and couldn’t stop wanting to be touched more and more at her tummy. I found it a bit unusual since most cats do not like to be touched at their tummies. But Anais does apparently really love it. She could hardly get enough. On the other hand, if a cat shows her tummy to a human, she signalises that it trusts this human. I’m so proud of this small lady ❤ I’d never have thought she’d actually start to enjoy being touched as much.

After a while, she had enough, but she had to press her small head into my hand again. Her claws gently grabbed my hand and at some point, she owned my hand. She put one paw above my hand, laid her head to rest in my hand and let me pet her further with the few available fingers she left me.

This morning she sat wide awake under the coffee table in the living room. My Emily laid a bit away in front of her, completely relaxed and I didn’t even hear any cat growls or hissing beforehand which would have to let me assume someone didn’t agree with Anais sitting there. On the weekend she sat in her carton box in the living room again. But she went to the loo under the bed (yes, I really have to put up one for her there, else she is untidy at present) and had her breakfast afterwards under the bed. As soon she was finished with her food, she slowly went back into the living room into her cardboard box.

Ok, unfortunately all of these personal developments of Anais are only possible with meds, but it does at least give her some quality in life again and the opportunity to learn that a human hand can also show her nothing but love ❤


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