Time to heal

Anais is still doing pretty fine. She has been out from her hideaway for a few days either in the living room or in a transport box in the hallway. Unfortunately, I cannot further train touching her when she sits in the cardboard box. But she was at least to be found somewhere else than under the bed. At this moment she’s cuddled up under the bed again, waits for spring to arrive and hugely welcomes further love and cuddles by me.

Since her rescue has left us alone, I do unfortunately have to keep on begging for donations, since I cannot cover the expenses for her special dietary food, as Anais is not only traumatised but also an allergic. As soon I can, I am going to take her over from that shitty rescue. To be fair, who is not very interested in a being during bad times, has barely any honest interest in a being during good times. Anais simply needs a lot of time to heal from the wounds mad humans left behind in her soul.



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