And another step forward

Awesome, I just Anais eating outside of her hideaway for the time in bloody ages. She went into a cave of a scratcher earlier after she made it herself comfortable in one of the comfy beds at the heating (where I was also allowed to serve her food). She spent a couple of days in her cardboard box again, but was a good girl and always visited her loo under the bed if she had to relieve herself. Just a few minutes ago I served her dinner at the cave of the scratcher. Some of the food was left, which was simply a bit further away from her. She usually never dares to stick out her head a little more to finish her portion, so that I turn the bowl around after a while. But I just came into the living room and saw her standing in front of the scratcher, finishing her food.

Oh and now she jumped via the scratcher onto a cabinet with my TV on it. It seems like she’s got a good spot there, overviewing the area perfectly like cats prefer.

She was hiding in her cardboard box again the last couple of days, smart as she is, after I saw during one of our petting sessions that one of her ears does not look good at all from the inside. I quickly put some ointment in it, which was not as easy anymore as soon she noticed what’s going to happen. After all, I had to grab her in order to treat her ears. She didn’t like it and immediately peed again out of fear. I’m glad she’s recollected herself so quickly. Anais always has another surprise to show 🙂

Of course, I am going to consult the vet, but I got myself some backup with a chairwoman of another rescue since Anais’s rescue definitely want to put her down if she’s caught some sort of illness, which I would have to treat on a regular basis. That’s what Anais’s rescue said last year when I negotiated her place of grace to avoid her to be put down. Anais’s rescue seems to do its animal rescue work more on the paper than with a sound human mind.

I do definitely not want to badmouth rescue associations at all, but like with any sort of welfare you have good and useful ones and then those who are not as good and simply leave their foster care homes of their rescues alone in times of need. They didn’t want to help her when Anais had a breakdown after her ear treatment last year (psychological breakdown) and that seemed enough reason for this rescue wanting to simply kill her. Why did they bring her here then anyway? Anais was brought from Spain to my foster home in Germany. It is not unusual for such traumatised beings like Anais to need a lot of time to learn that not all humans are bad and would only cause harm. One year is in severe cases not enough at all. Then, her rescue refuses to move Anais to another foster home, where she could have more calm with fewer cats or they even refuse to put her up for adoption. They basically her brought her to my place to dump her and at best never to be seen again. Ok, in the beginning, I said, before Anais moved in, if it goes well with my own cats and she can start to live a normal life, here again, I wouldn’t want to take that from her considering she was already 10 years old when she moved in. But it hasn’t worked out so well with my own cats. In the end, Anais lives with me according to the given circumstances, even if they are not the best for her, but she would be dead otherwise. And she’s clearly shown that she does want to live. When I broke my arm last year, I received no help of her rescue. I couldn’t open the food cans for any cat here with one hand and not even provide for myself. I asked the rescue to ask for donations or sponsorship to help with the expenses of her special dietary food. They refused because there were other animals who also needed help. If I needed donations I shall collect them myself, they said. I never even hear of Anais’s rescue. They never ask how she is doing. They neither check her blog here or her Facebook page, as ‘they have too much other stuff to do’ like they said. Over the course of time, I had to learn that I am not the only foster care who is left alone by the regarding rescue. There are good rescues out there, who help you in need, also with further extra expenses you may have as a foster home, and then there are these, who rather not look back once they’ve dumped a rescue pet at a new place and if you try to get them to help you, they cry over their own problems because theirs are worse – which is not very helpful when you sit helplessly in your own place, not knowing how to replace the completely peed sofa at some point or other things that are damaged during the stay of a foster animal and not even knowing how to cover the expenses of such special dietary food when you have only little funds per month yourself, making it hard to provide yourself with the basics such as food (I am an allergic myself). It is hardly fair to leave a foster home like me with expenses of 90-100€ per month for the rescued foster pet (which is the case with Anais) and refusing any possible help.

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