Anaïs noticed nothing happened to her

Yesterday, Anais had to realise that she was afraid for no reason.

I had to clean up under the bed again, since Anais relieved herself at the back under the bed towards the wall instead of using her loo under the bed. I guess, my Iyuy disturbed or annoyed her there recently, for which she might have been reluctant to use her loo. I was woken up by a terrible hissing and snarling a few days ago. Unfortunately, where she decided to relieve herself I cannot put her loo without having to annoy Anais on a daily basis when I want to clean her loo, which would stress her out again and most likely pee out of fear.

As usual, I pulled the bed slightly away. Anais got nervous, but remained under the bed at first, went into the living room under the coffee table then though – please note: without another urine trail. But at least I could mind my own business then and remove the protective covers under the bed, clean with a particular enzyme cleaner, put out new protective covers and changed her bed since she had to relieve herself in her bed out of fear when I wanted to start with my cleaning action.

When I was done, I brought her small snack as a compensation for her stress, into which I put a special pill for her so she can calm down from her stress much better and sooner before she decides to just stay under the coffee table for a few days and relieve herself there then. She sat completely huddled under the coffee table and hardly dared to move or even have a bit of the kind snack I brought for her. I closed the living room door, so she does have a chance to have her snack before someone else, like the little Tony, who enjoys to eat everything of others, has it instead. I left her be for a while, quickly went to the shop to get more bin liners and served dinner for the other three when I was back home. When I wanted to bring her dinner, I saw through the glass of the living room door that Anais stood there briefly and looked towards me. Well, she heard it right, it was dinner time. But she went slowly back into the bedroom then.

So I brought her dinner to the bed where she firstly had to check out her area thoroughly and sniffed around. It was all clean and tidy, nothing else. She looked at me a bit puzzled as if she meant to ask if that was the reason why she ran into the living room, since nothing else had happened. She turned around, checked out every inch of her area once more and also her freshly washed bed. Everything was ok. Nothing else happened. No one tried to grab her, no one tried to harass her, no one tried to harm her – that’s what she had to notice. Only then she could finally focus on her dinner (she did not have her snack with the special pill in the end).


Christmas – the season of giving

Many charitable organisations ask for donation more now then every for their charitable projects. Small organisations, charitable projects and especially individual cases are easily overlooked. If you would like to donate to a good cause, how do you know that your donation is really used for the particular cause you intended?
That is the difference especially with individual cases like foster cat Anais. Her rescue had left me completely alone with her. Of course, I do not want to paint the name of animal rescue associations all black, since there are most definitely other rescue organisations, who would deal with the circumstances of a case like Anais more effectively and solution-oriented, instead of leaving a foster care home on its own.
Well, that happened with Anais, who just hangs in the middle of it and who is fewest of all at fault, no matter how badly things went in the past. I cannot meet her requirements with her special dietary food and medications alone. The good thing here is though: you know anything you are able or happy to give in order to support Anais definitely ends up where it is needed: with Anais.
You would like to help?
That is fairly easy, as there are several opportunities to help Anais:
– share this post with your friends!
– Anais has got her own fundraising shop, the Hero Shop, at spread shirt. All funds which can be raised with the sale of ‘her’ goods are directly used for food and meds. You buy something at her shop and donate for Anais at the same time for Anais 
– contribute to Anais’ money pot with any amount at Leetchi
– check Anais’ wish list at Amazon and send her food directly: 
– donate a amount of your choice directly to Anais via Paypal
Thank you very much for your attention 🙂

Anais has left the underworld…

At last! I hardly expected Anais to move out from under my bed again this year, but she did. She already surprisingly laid down on a pillow at my foot end a few days ago, yesterday she was in her box under my desk (at the opposite of her spot at my foot end) and since yesterday evening she’s made it herself comfortable on my desk chair again – one of her previous preferred spots. I may even close or open the blinds behind her without running away or hissing! I am very happy she’s made out outside again…

You can still see how much stress she’s had during the past few months. She also has been a bit fluish again, but the vet said I shall wait and observe, else she didn’t know what to do now either, since she was just on antibiotics. So I gave her additional vitamins, especially vitamin D. Vitamin D also promotes out wellbeing and we feel blue and more anxious with low levels of vitamin D. Cats also produce vitamin D like humans via sunshine and since Anais has hidden herself so much and so long, I thought her vitamin D levels should be quite low or just too low for the level she needs, as there is some added in her food. It seems to have done trick so far. I’ve also started to tell her the tale of the ickle kitty, who looked just like her and who was also so afraid like her. But the ickle kitty said one day, “I want to lay down somewhere else and in the sun again as well! And I want to get what the other kitties get when they come to mum!”

Anais’ Hero Shop

I thought of something when I wondered how it was possible to raise some funds to support Anais’ extensive monthly expenses. Like I mentioned before, her rescue doesn’t want to try to ask for donations for her and it even when I had my broken arm at the beginning of the year, of which the recovery took me almost the entire year, they practically didn’t care how I was going to get her the special dietary food she needed when my chances to earn a coin on the side of my studies were pretty much non-existent with my broken arm. My studies suffered during that time and I cannot work enough on the side in order to provide Anais what she needs, yet alone with food, her happy pills to give her at least some inner calamity and some other natural remedies her rescue doesn’t want to pay. I am an allergic myself and have three cats myself. Anais’ expenses are at about the same for my own three cats together with a rough 100 bucks per month. I have to say, I feel quite left alone by Anais’ rescue. It is very obvious that they have lost their interest in her and they even accused me of slander a few months back when another rescue association heard of Anais and that her rescue wanted to put her down. I did not say or write officially that her rescue might be happy to get rid of Anais as an expense asset, yet one could hardly understand the situation any differently and interpret it as such since her rescue mainly wanted to put her down because they do not expect any social development of her after the year with me and because she is hard to treat when she is ill and since they are not willing to look for another foster home or forever home which could meet Anais’ requirements a lot better than I currently can.

So, I am left alone her and cannot cover her monthly expenses at all. I’ve already tried to ask for donations and thought of further ways to raise some funds to ensure Anais the food she needs. I came up with the idea to create a shop at spreadshirt where I’m selling self-designed shirts and cosy jumpers, cushions and mugs and all those sorts to raise some funds for her. The funds earned via Anais own Hero Shop are completely for her support to buy food and meds and possibly, if she needs a treatment her rescue doesn’t want to pay for, for those as well – so if you would like to contribute to a good cause, donate something, but want to know where exactly your money will end up, here is your chance! Show the world that you support Anais, tell your friends and family… It’s not only you who gains something from her shop you can make yourself happy with, you can also make a friend, who is a cat lover, happy with a present from Anais’ Hero Shop and you make Anais happy 🙂

Her Hero Shop is also linked on this page, so you will always find it 🙂 For everyone who would like to donate a sum of choice, can always as well chip into her money pot at Leetchi.

my-heart-beats-for-anais-premium-womens-premium-hoodie i-love-anais-premium-womens-t-shirt-with-rolled-up-sleeves i-love-anais-teddy-teddy-bear

Of ikkle Anais, who lived under the bed – again

Well, there we are, back again with a long overdue update about Anais. I was just quite busy and was ill for a few weeks myself in the meantime, for which I didn’t quite get around to post new updates.

I was more or less just recovering from my summer cold, when Anais fell ill with a fluish cold. She had to sneeze quite a bit and the slime stuck in her nose was already waiting at the front of her nostrils to shoot out at any moment anywhere. There was pretty little anything one could do but to consult her vet. Luckily, her vet knows her and I hoped when I called her directly on a Monday morning, that I could just collect some meds for her and spare Anais the stress of having to be caught and brought to the vet again. I had no one at my disposal anyway who could have given me a hand. Fortunately, it worked out and I was also smart enough to give the vet a ring before informing Anais’ rescue in order to get the OK to bring her to the vet or collect meds, since her rescue tends to not to reply even in cases of emergency within a due time. I received the OK faster than I expected and could collect the meds in the evening and start with her treatment right away. It was only some pills I had to smuggle into her, which is a lot easier when I dissolve it in some snack creams and I do not have to touch her. It was fine for a few days, she did apparently feel much better and even felt communicative again. Every now and then she shyly meowed, signalising she had her food finished or tried to connect with my Emily. But as good as it looked like in the first place, didn’t last very long. About 6 days passed without any problems before she suddenly brought up her meds. I could try whatever I wanted, she didn’t want to take anything with the meds and hardly any food at all either. So the vet suggested we leave her be for the time being and focus on the food before she starts to get the impression all food is compounded with the nasty meds. Anais received a ‘free ticket’ by her vet to eat anything she liked to, no matter if it was according to her dietary plan or not, as long she eats, starts to feel hungry and keeps the food down. In the meantime I was supposed to try to collect some of her gorgeous slime in order to send it to the lab to find out which particular bacteria has made her ill and which particular medication would work on it. It took me seven days to finally catch a slime sample. Funny thing though, the morning before she sneezed well enough and have the slime land anywhere else than on her incontinence sheets I had to lay out pretty much everywhere she likes to lay down, I dreamt that I told her to sneeze heavily because I had to get a sample. Like in my dream it worked out almost the same in reality then. A few days later the results were in: she caught a multi-resistant bacteria, but one medication would work. The antibiotics she received before were useless against that particular bacteria, therefore it not too bad that she brought those up. I received initially meds to last for 14 days but the vet as well as I already expected we would have to extend the medication period to 21 days just to be really sure it’s gone. I picked up the additional meds for further seven days and Anais has started to feel better.

She is not too well yet again, she prefers to stay under the bed, where I already had to put her loo before she just uses the floor under my bed on a daily basis to relieve herself. A nice lady from a cat flea market on Facebook donated a self-sewn cushion to Anais, which she has started to enjoy under the bed. I do hear her purring gently every now and then. I guess, that’s at least something and if cats purr, they are ok. So basically, Anais is doing fine according to her circumstances.

As it just got cold outside and it was time to put on the heating, I had to notice that the heating in my bedroom is not working. Well, Anais lives in the bedroom. My landlord couldn’t send a handyman earlier than today after two weeks of a cold bedroom. I put on the heating in the living room, which is connected to the bedroom, at its highest, hoping some of the warmth might get through to the bedroom. I didn’t feel like it was enough, especially since Anais has a very weak immune system. I prepared her a hottie and put it into her new cushion at any time she let me. At least that one she has seemed to enjoy as well. Every now and then I can also lure her with some snacks, but she doesn’t dare to come out under the bed further than up to her shoulders. However, I could check with this technique if she has new allergic reactions somewhere – there are currently none.

Happy 12th Birthday!

Today is a special day – Anais is celebrating her 12th birthday, completely in style with all the food she enjoys, even though it does not correspond completely with her dietary plan as an allergic. But to be fair, she has to live a little as well and enjoy what she loves and since I cannot show her my love on any other way, it has to be with food. Let her indulge today, I say with pure salmon, raw turkey bites, dried chicken snacks, cheese cream and some dreamies. You should have seen her glance when I presented this delicious birthday meal to her. Huge eyes not believing that was for her and not believing, I do not have any mean intentions at the back of my head. I hope she will have a grand new life year during which she can experience lots of awesome moments and I sincerely wish she will be able to accept them at least a bit more than usual.

Place of Grace

It’s been a rather stressful time for Anais since the last update.

It was far too much for her having to grab her like every day in order to treat her with her ear medicine. Luckily, the vet at the clinic said that medication was effective enough to just give it to her once a day and it was as well fine to leave her a day without treatment, since the medicine stays somewhere at the bottom of the ear for more than just a day. To be fair, I could hardly give it to her more often. I got her just about okish the first few days after out visit at the vet clinic, but the Monday thereafter, just 4 days after the visit there about a fortnight ago was the last time I could get hold of her after a rather very adventurous try to get her somehow. Of course, every time I had to grab her somehow, she peed and shit herself with the usual ‘ow meow’ as if I intended to harm her in the worst imaginable ways. That was the last time I got her without any help, afterwards I needed someone to help me with it, which also only worked out twice and the last time I didn’t even get to it to treat her ears with the medicine. She was far too stressed of all the treatments that she gathered every little bit of strength left inside of her to free herself of the best hold. She sort of shut down completely then and didn’t even leave a corner in my living room for the following next three days. She didn’t even dare to leave it order to visit the loo and rather used the scratching house, a toy blanket and the cave of the small scratching post she hid in as a substitute for a loo. So she just didn’t only pee everywhere as she was obviously unable to calm down at all from all that stress she had to be put through. Of course, all of it would not have been necessary if her pet rescue only had agreed to her ear OP at the clinic.
I tried to gently make her move back into the bedroom where she might go in hiding under the bed again but had at least her two loos there which she can usually find. I only moved the scratching post she hid in slightly and off she ran. Unfortunately not without a trail of further pee and ultimately she created two new pee lakes under the bed so that I had to clean up underneath which made her flee under the sofa with even more pee trails. I hope the long-term antibiotics she received at the clinic did their job and got rid of the ear infection from the inside. The ear was far too swollen the last time I had her with the help of a friend in order to have a look into her ear.
Those days finally brought me closer to my own personal limits. I was exhausted and just sat here crying not knowing what to do and how to cope any further. The next problem is her expensive food which makes me struggle at the moment. My arm, which I broke two days before X-Mas and which I severely burnt as it was in the process of healing, is still not ok and I am still not able to do everything and as much as before all that crap happened. My studies for alternative vet already suffered during the time of my broken arm and thereafter, for which I cannot work as much alongside my studies. I do have three cats of my own which also need some food and a healthy cat mum.
She’s been here for more than a year, after her pretty good first months there was just one step back after another and often just three steps backwards at once. I then talked to her pet rescue from which she was given to me as a foster cat. Considering that my own three cats do not get along with her all too well either, I suggested that maybe a home where she was the only cat and had access to a secured garden would be better option as a home for her. Unfortunately, that thought was smashed into pieces within a second as her pet rescue is convinced she would not make it to be moved to another place at all and shut down completely then. They also refused to move her to another foster home as all foster homes were full with at least 6 other cats or more, which would be too much of a busy environment for her as well, and the few which might have a spot are not familiar with such extreme characters like Anais. The only ‘solution’ her pet rescue offered, was to just put her down right now. They do not expect her to recover from her psychological wounds and since one cannot treat her, why not get rid of the problem altogether. -_- Well, I found that ‘suggestion’ a bit too extreme and even though I am currently at the end with my own energy and my own funds which makes it difficult for me to take care of her appropriately, I managed to negotiate a period of grace for her. So she is basically off the hook with the idea to put her down right now, but the pet rescue definitely wants to put her down as soon she falls ill again and needs a daily treatment.
At least she came out under the sofa later that evening, she ate in the bedroom under the bed as usual and appeared to have calmed down a bit so that she walked around in the bedroom with a more stable appearance and even laid down on my desk. The last time I could get a closer look of the other spots on her body she scratched open and they all healed completely. The aural haematoma on her right ear does not seem to bother her as much anymore either since even that spot she scratched open at her ear has completely healed. Her body will dissolve within the next weeks for which an OP now would make little sense for her anymore and would have helped a lot more if it was done when it was offered.
Furthermore, her pet rescue refuses to ask for donations for Anais. She is not even anywhere on their homepage – nowhere. I suggested it would be grand if they asked for donations for her for treatment and so on or even asked for a sponsor for her to help me out a bit with the food costs of her special dietary food I cannot quite afford at the moment. Their reason was that they could not ask for donations for her as well, since they’d already asked for donations for another cat and they already had so many pets for which they are looking for sponsors. Thanks. Basically, I am left alone with her. I could have as well found Anais on the streets, because in that case I would have to see how to manage everything on my own as well.

Now she has an ear infection :(

What ‘dynamic’ days the Anais had… Oh dear, that poor ikkle cat. Last Sunday I noticed upon giving the breakfast that she holds her right ear strangely down. Unfortunately, I had to grab her, which I eventually managed after a rather adventurous run through my flat when she decided it was great to run outside on the balcony. Of course, she peed herself again and she screamed her ‘ow meow’ again. I was glad none of the neighbours peeked up as she definitely sounded like I was abusing her or something. I only wanted to check her ear. I had to discover that her ear was immensely swollen, about as thick as a thumb.
I had to wait until midday on Monday to receive the OK of the pet rescue that I am allowed to take her to the vet, which was inevitable. Her vet had no appointment until Thursday which appeared a little late considering the size of her ear. So I had to find another vet who is happy to treat a rescue cat for an invoice payment. That is indeed not as easy, many vets only want cash immediately and very few are ok with it to just send an invoice and receive the money a few days later.
It turned out that she has a severe ear infection. On top of it, she has several spots scratched open around her neck and her shoulders. A blood test showed that she had either a severe allergic reaction or that she has some sort of cancer. I received some meds for the ears and had to see a specialist at another clinic.
As I don’t have a car and can’t quite afford a cab several times a month to bring her to a vet, I had to wait until Thursday for my aunt to drive us to the vet clinic. Good news: she has no cancer. Bad news: she has a severe allergic reaction. Crap. Well, when a friend of mine was here last week and shortly saw Anais completely, she didn’t notice anything but that her fur looked splendid. Since Anais has remained to only allow me to see her from the distance or under the bed, I was unable to notice her ear infection earlier. So far, she’s had only allergic reactions around her eyes, which I can see at least, no matter where she hides herself, and she’s had no new reactions there for months. I experimented a bit with different foods. Apparently she didn’t put up with one of these. Though I guess, as she is a rather nervous character, that she just scratched herself more or less everywhere because of her ears. She furthermore has a aural haematoma on her right ear. She could have had an OP directly at the clinic on Thursday, which would have made things a lot easier, but unfortunately, the pet rescue didn’t agree to it for financial reasons. They only agreed that her right ear was punctured to remove the liquids in there, but the vet already warned it might fill up with liquids again. They removed 6ml of blood and lymph liquids.
Anais has been very brave at the vets, she managed all the examinations without a sedation, but she peed and shit herself as usual. Fortunately, I have been able to grab her in order to give her the ear meds. I’ve slowly worked a system to catch her within a few minutes. Today I was not so lucky. She does apparently feel better and is since more agile as well as smarter to find a place where she can hide without any option of getting a hold of her. She’s hidden behind a chest of drawers under the heating in my bedroom. I can absolutely not get to her there, the chest of drawers is too heavy to move. Smart girl. I doubt she comes out until tomorrow. Her ear… well.. like the vet warned, it filled up with liquids again, but within 24 hours after she was treated. I am actually pretty cross with her pet rescue that they didn’t let her have the surgery as her ear has filled up with liquids to the size it was before and it is extremely irritating for her.
It is hard to notice any illnesses at a character like hers in time. I can’t see her properly, the problem with the ears I could neither see in time from the distance until she developed that severe aural haematoma. I feel bad for her that I couldn’t notice any changes in time, so it wouldn’t have gotten as bad as it is. I have no idea if I am allowed to have her seen by the vet to puncture her ear again, but if it fills up with liquids as fast, I can hardly bring her to a vet every day. If she only was easier to handle and trusted me a little more…

13 months here have passed…

Long time, no see, but we’re still there 🙂 The past few months have not been as easy for me with me broken arm, the recovery of it and then I had to burn my right hand with hot soup, clumsy as I am.

But Anais has been rather well. She remains to be ‘Little Miss Hissy’, unfortunately. At least she is eating well and her mysterious wounds in the area of her eyes have not only healed completely, but no further ones have turned up either. That’s quite a good sign, I think and it seconds my assumption her superficial infections were more of a psychosomatic cause. She doesn’t stay under the bed as well and rather lays down elsewhere in my bedroom and sometimes in the living room. 

13 months have passed since she moved in with me and she still is the untouchable. One can only imagine what she must have experienced in her life before, causing her to be such a social phobic. It’s ok though, she can stay with me as long she likes and I am not giving up any hope she might ease up a little more on one day.

Ladies Time

We are still alive, sorry for the long break 🙂 There was simply little to post about Anais. Unfortunately, she has not come out as much and has often just stayed under my bed or in a basket below my desk. But there are days, on which she does come out and stays outside for a longer while, as long no one is hassling around (including humans) which irritates her or may make her feel scared. Today is finally another day, on which she’s outside her hideaway, just like a few days ago as well. There are even two beautiful ladies at this very moment enjoying the sun.
I was even recently allowed to serve her food at the window while my maid was there. Unfortunately, even though she’s lived with me for a rather long time by now, she hisses at me at least in 80% of all cases when I bring her food and put the bowl in front of her. I guess that demonstrates how much time she needs and that she does apparently need lots more.
Otherwise Miss Hissy has been fine 🙂 She eats well and loves a wave scratching pad, which bought just for her as she has not dared to take advantage of the large scratching post and seems to prefer scratching pads on the floor.
I know, the pictures are not as amazing, but I cannot yet hold a camera very well, since I am still recovering from my broken arm. I wanted to catch the moment anyway. Also, please ignore the dirty window, I have not been able to clean it and my maid was not allowed to do that for insurance reasons.